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Following are the list of requirements.

  • Completion of the visa application form
  • Each applicant, including minors, must complete a separate visa application form.
  • Certified copies of the passport from the country of origin
  • Invitation letter from the inviter, if invited
  • Deed of surety form signed by the inviter, if invited
  • Proof of a confirmed return ticket
  • Six (6) months bank statement from the inviter, if invited
  • Current status of the inviter, if invited
  • If through a travel agency Motivation letter from a travel agency or from the applicant.
  • Proof of a confirmed return ticket
  • Proof of accommodation (hotel bookings/resident)
  • Proof of financial statement for 6 months of the applicant
  • If you are a Family (Wife and Children with age less than 17 do not require uploading the Power of Attorney) or Agent which is applying on behalf of the applicant you must upload the Power of Attorney signed by the applicant to apply for a Holiday Visa.
  • Visa fees: N$600.00 upon approval.

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